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From Canada to Dunedin . . And The World!

‘Canadian Content’ with Marty Cancilla, Sundays at 5.30pm

Marty Cancilla is putting his time in Dunedin to good use.

The native of Rossland, British Columbia, who is living and working in Dunedin while his wife studies at Otago Polytechnic, has revived his love of community radio and started his own show, ‘Canadian Content’ on OAR FM.

“It’s going to be a smattering of all kinds of Canadian music, for Canadians here in Dunedin but also nationwide and, due to the magic of the Internet, for Canadians at home and ex-pats around the world,” says Marty.

“I’ll introduce Canadian music new and old, across all genres.”

Marty helped to spearhead a community radio station back in his hometown.

“Rossland is a tiny town but the station did really well for a while. Unfortunately, it has since dissolved but we had about a decade of operating and it was a real good time – a lot of fun.

“I think people got a lot of good training and experience out of that, and one day if I return, maybe we’ll get it fired up again.”

As for listeners can expect to hear on ‘Canadian Content’, Marty says he’s “dabbling” in all kinds of music.

“One of the new artists I’m liking is Chad Van Gaalen and I like Peaches’ stuff, which is a little more raw.

“I also like some of the new electronica that’s coming out – I’ve just discovered a new act called Secret Mommy, which I really like.

“But I think there will be something for everyone.”

‘Canadian Content’ is proudly sponsored by Taste Nature organic food shop on High St.




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