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Adventures in New Music for Drive-Time Slot

Alistair AddisDunedin businessman and broadcaster Alistair Addis has found a way to combine his hobby with his bread-and-butter occupation, much to the delight of local music-lovers.
The owner-operator of Portil music shop established his Dunedin retail outlet in the Harvest Court Mall in 2010, making use of available space at premises from which he runs an IT business offering point-of-sale software solutions.

Alistair has taken his enthusiasm for new music one step further and is now hosting drive-time show An Aural Adventure on Otago Access Radio.

The programme, previously known as Portil Presents, broadcasts from 5pm to 6pm every Wednesday and is repeated in the show’s original timeslot of 9pm to 10pm on Mondays. It features the latest releases across a wide range of music genres, Alistair said.

“The show takes in world music, electronica, jazz, ambient music and rock. It’s got to be something I really like but, beyond that, it’s got to be something I think other people will respond to. I try not to be too self-indulgent.”

Alistair spent more than 20 years living and working in Australia. During that time, he attended live gigs “almost every night” and developed a wide appreciation for music that is rarely heard on mainstream radio stations.

“Through friends, I was exposed to some great jazz, and went down that tangent for a while. I started going to Womad and got into world music and decided that was something I really loved doing. From there, my tastes have grown wider and wider and that’s been reflected in my shop, and on my radio show.”

When customers ask for recommendations, they will often be referred to artsist who have been featured on the radio show, Alistair said.

“Even better, we’ve had people come in to purchase a piece of music and say they heard it first on the show.”

An Aural Adventure – Wednesdays, 5pm and repeated Mondays at 9pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM and podcast from

Photo: An Aural Adventure host Alistair Addis at his Harvest Court Mall shop Portil.


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