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Spiritual Experiences Explored on Radio

David StarA Dunedin church has chosen radio as a means of sharing views on divine guidance in everyday life.

Otago Access Radio show Eckankar Today is co-hosted by David Baillie, a local member of the global Eckankar church, and his Oamaru-based colleague Lanie Dustin.

Mr Baillie said members of Eckankar believed that each person was connected to God through divine spirit (the ECK), which could be heard as sound and seen as light. The radio programme offered insights into personal spiritual experiences with dreams, past lives and “soul travel”.

People tuning in can expect to find out in what ways they’ve had spiritual experiences, and they can hear stories about other people’s spiritual experiences and learn some key principles to help them find solutions to life’s challenges,” he explained.

Everything we see and hear is a message coming in. We help people learn how to interpret that.”

Eckankar Today also included the singing of the HU song (pronounced like the word hue), a spiritual exercise described as a “song of love to God”.

Mr Baillie said presenting the programme on a community access station was in keeping with the spirit of Eckankar.

Eckankar New Zealand wanted to share its stories on Otago Access Radio in particular because its programmes share more of what the community loves, things that make every life better.

Eckankar Today also shares stories of what works.”

Recording of the show took place off-site, with Mr Baillie travelling to Oamaru so that Ms Dustin could contribute. The recordings were then either sent via the Internet or dropped into the station on an electronic storage device.

The technical side of things has been a huge learning curve but the training has been excellent,” said Mr Baillie.

I think there’s huge potential for people from around the country to send in their own recordings.”

‘Eckankar Today’ – Sundays at 9.30am and replayed Monday at noon, Wednesday 7.30pm, Saturday 4pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM and podcast from iTunes.

Photo: ‘Eckankar Today’ host David Baillie outside Otago Access Radio’s studio at Dunedin Community House.


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