OAR FM is providing a unique opportunity for Dunedin-based ethnic groups and individuals to share their language, music and culture with Dunedin listeners by making their own radio shows.

Connecting Cultures programmes are on Dunedin’s Community Access Radio Station OAR FM on 105.4FM and 1575AM from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to 9pm.

All of the Connecting Cultures programmes are also available online, as a live stream and podcast from www.oar.org.nz. This means Dunedin broadcasters can also connect with communities in New Zealand, and with friends, family and other listeners around the world! See over the page for current programmes.



6pm: The Lave Mai Show (Tongan/English)
Bringing together Tongan students and other youth, to discuss and express their thoughts on the issues they face. (Fortnightly)

7pm: La Vida Loca (Spanish/English)
Hispanic culture, music and news with Lina Lastra and Adelso Yanez (Fortnightly)

7pm: Indigenous Encounters
Join Pia Kahn as she explores aspects of indigenous cultures (Fortnightly)

7:30pm: HerStory
Stories of women from India with Swaroopa Unni (Fortnightly)

8pm: Namasthe Telugu (Telugu)
Music, culture and news with Sasi Bhushan Yarragudi

8.30pm: Chinese Cultural Music Night (Mandarin/English)
Music hosted by members of the Dunedin Chinese Art/Instrument Association



6pm: DMEC On Air
Hear about the Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council’s activities plus discussion with their members. with Lux, Andrew and Valerie.

6:30pm: Hamro Awaz (Nepalese)
Our Voice – Govinda, Gagan, Ashik, Sugat and Sanil bring you music, discussion and information in Nepalese.

7pm:  Vanakkam Tamizha (Tamil)
With Lux, Rajesh and special guest from the Dunedin Tamil Society

8pm: Buddhist Radio (Cantonese)
Teachings from the Buddhist Youth Association

8.30pm: Settlement Information with Citizens Advice Bureau (English)
Robbie and the CAB team provide the latest information (2nd Tuesday of the month)



7:30pm: Say Mê Việt Nam (Vietnamese/English)
Celebrating the culture and uniqueness of Vietnam through music, stories and language.

8pm: Buddhist Radio (Mandarin)
Teachings from the Buddhist Youth Association

8.30pm: Hello Kerala (Malayalam)
Sabin and Roy bring you soulful songs and news from the Kerala region of South India

For information about making your own radio show/podcast,
contact: Lesley Paris OAR FM Manager [email protected] Ph 471 6161